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Cannabis Now: 5 Best Strains of Emerald Cup 2017

SLOCAL Roots – Chemdawg

In the quest to have the best terps, one area that felt slightly neglected this year was the real deal gas. Now, I’m not claiming there wasn’t any gas OGs or Sour strains at The Emerald Cup that would obviously be a foolish claim. But per capita, the number of elite jars that reminded you of sticking your nose in a jug of gasoline was definitely down a pinch this year. As a result, I was delightfully surprised when I ran into Austen of SLOCAL Roots — the SLO is for San Luis Obispo — who had a delightful cut of Chemdawg, cultivated in the land between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The nugs he tossed me were true jar jumpers, popping up into my nose before I even reached down to smell it.

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